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Gara-gara pelaksaan dalam Bajet 2014 berkaitan cukai hartanah yang akan berkuatkuasa awal tahun depan, pasaran hartanah di Pulau Pinang menampakkan sedikit saje peningkatan. Kalau sebelum ni meningkat secara mendadak. Ni yang keluarkan pendapat tu bukan aku la. Aku cuma war-war kan je.

gambar hiasan

gambar hiasan

Henry Butcher Malaysia Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd Pengarah Dr Teoh Poh Huat berkata pasaran boleh betul dengan sendirinya atau mengurangkan kesan daripada langkah-langkah dalam jangka sederhana , disebabkan oleh permintaan asas yang sihat untuk hartanah di sana. Lagi katanya,

“Sentimen pasaran untuk hartanah atas -akhir dijangka mengukuh, “

Antara pendapat beliau lagi menunjukkan disebabkan faktor kuasa membeli masih tinggi so kemungkinan harga hartanah di Pulau Pinang susah nak turun. Lagipon, pelabur-pelabur luar masih lagi berkemampuan untuk memiliki hartanah di kawasan tu walaupon syarat pembelian diperketatkan oleh kerajaan.

“Tiga peratus bukan pemutus perjanjian , kerana duti setem yang dikenakan ke atas pembeli asing hartanah masih rendah berbanding negara-negara jiran seperti Singapura dan Hong Kong,”

Lagi komen daripada beliau. Ada logiknya jika dibuat perbandingan. Pape pon korang boleh dapatkan berita penuh di SINI.


Aku pantang betol bila tengok hiasan dalaman rumah yang lawa nih. Ditambah pula dengan design perabot yang bersesuaian serta tone warna yang digunakan sangat ‘match’ dengan satu sama lain. Modern design dan kelihatan unik. Sesuai untuk hiasan rumah baru korang. Ah aku sembang panjang tak guna jugak. Korang tengok gambar-gambar ni baru percayakan. Cer tengok..cer tengok..

interior design2
interior design3

Itu interior design untuk ruang dalam rumah. Ade juga yang direka untuk ruang ofis. Agak menarik dan tertarik ko memang da bom!

interior design4interior design5
interior design6

Teruja tak? Aku teruja sebab aku tak cukup mampu lagi untuk keluarkan idea kreatif macam tu. Kalau asah ada can nak jadi interior designer nih. Hehe. Saje berlegar-legar dalam alam maya cari pasal hiasan dalaman rumah. Seronok plus bila tengok Alhamdulillah idea nak decorate mencurah-curah 🙂

The Asia Pacific Trade and Expo City (APTEC) project in Iskandar led by Malaysian Pacific Corp Bhd (MPCorp) is expected to see an investment of RM3 billion over a period of five years.

The project, aimed at promoting Malaysia as Asia’s “economic corridor” will require participation from various countries in the 10- member Asean region, India, South Korea and many others.

“We are in talks with various countries for partnerships and they liked the idea. Recently, I met the Indian Minister of Commerce and he was interested in the project,” MPCorp chairman and CEO Datuk Bill Ch’ng told The Malaysian Reserve last Friday on the sidelines of the 5th World Chinese Economic Forum in Kuala Lumpur.

The project, when completed, will provide about three million sq ft of space where consumer product manufacturers from various countries can showcase their products.

The aim is to turn the Malaysian states bordering Johor into a consumer products trade hub for the region, he pointed out.

“The funding for the project is to be done from internally generated funds and borrowings.

Some of it will also come from other stakeholders,” Ch’ng said.

MPCorp inked a memorandum of understanding with China’s state-owned corporation Black Sea Horizon Investment Holdings Ltd last Friday.

Black Sea is involved in consumer trade, property development, hospitality, oil refineries and oil trade. MPCorp, as a property development company, will be the anchor partners for the project, said Ch’ng.

The two companies will coordinate and secure the relevant approvals from the respective regulatory bodies in China and Malaysia.

“APTEC will serve as a onestop centre for the new ‘Silk Route’ of trade, sourcing, procurement and distribution showcase window for China manufactured consumer products as well as products made in Asean, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India and the Middle East,” said Ch’ng.

About one million sq ft of land will be used by the Chinese company and the rest of the two million sq ft will be left for other countries, he said.

MPCorp has a landbank of 638 acres in Iskandar Malaysia and is building its prospects on the “already paid for” land that it owns in Malaysia’s fast growing investment destination in Johor.

Apart from the APTEC, it is also involved in the RM2 billion LakeHill Resort City.

“Last few years have not been good for the company. When you put in all the investment in such a big project you do not have cashflow. But this is going to end soon,” said Ch’ng.


It is worrisome that when one analyst said Putrajaya has the potential oversupply due to many projects come in to that area. Gan Eng Peng, head of Equities at Hwang Investment Management told that Even without some of the largest mega projects like the PNB building and financial hubs, we are facing that situation (in the future).

Instead of fear from market crash just like in Dubai, Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur still have the demand over supply. He added,”The key difference between the crash of Dubai and potentially in KL is that in Dubai, there was massive overbuilding combined with a collapse in end-demand due to the credit crisis.”

One of the way to cut off new supply is to impose a moratorium on the construction of new office buildings as undertaken a few years ago. Also, they should also reconsider some of their iconic projects as they are compounding the problem, Gan said.

Another difference, according to Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association of Malaysia (Rehda) president Datuk Seri Michael Yam, was that around 80 per cent of Dubai’s 2.1-million population were expatriates. In contrast, Greater KL’s population was now 6.5 million and projected to grow to 10 million by 2020, he said.

They both said that this is to be expected as office space growth was outstripping demand while prices for real estate may soften with the planned supply coming through. Prices, especially of the old buildings, will also suffer capital stagnation or even losses as tenants move towards newer buildings, they said. But Rehda president believed the market would automatically correct itself before reaching a crisis similar to Dubai’s.

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I been busy with new work, taking too much time to focus on my blog. But still, I am happy to finish this post ^^. In my previous post I already mention about these three phrase.

So what are these SOHO, SOFO and SOVO? Let’s take a look a one by one.

SOHO (Small Office Home Office)
>> By looking at its acronym, we can expect that SOHO consist of small type of office by mean only small business operates. The workers may be up to 4 persons maximum. Other than that, the size of office also categorized as smallest compare to other office size such as shop lot area. The built size would be between 400 – 800 square feet(sqft).

>> SOHO can also use as home office where business is done at home. Nowadays, many businesses are a home-based business such as home designer, data entry and more. those self-employed person would like to use this type of SOHO as their workplace.

Small Office Home Office

Small Office Home Office

SOFO (Small office Flexible Office)
>> SOFO by mean is likely similar to SOHO but it emphasize on word ‘flexible’. By having SOFO you can customize your office the way you want it be. What type of office you want or wish? You yourself decide whatever include inside this SOFO. The size range is in between 400 – 800 sqft.

Small Office Flexible Office

Small Office Flexible Office

SOVO (Small office Versatile Office)
>> SOVO is a different by mean compare to SOHO and SOVO. Although the size range is quite similar, but the purpose of SOVO built is much focusing on commercial usage. Besides, it comes with telecommunications and infrastructure facilities that speed up business start-up.

Small Office Versatile Office

Small Office Versatile Office

I guess I forgot to tell one more..SOGO? what is mean by SOGO?

This is SOGO

SOGO Shopping Complex

SOGO Shopping Complex

SOGO is a shopping complex ok..not a small office type.

Hahaha.. 🙂
photos:google images

This time I am freely to give the reader an overview of what you should know about real estate in terms of property types. Some people might get confuse with certain real estate because of not knowing about the property type.

Okay, so basically from my understanding, there are 3 types of property.(Some say 5 types but it depends on their own explaination.) A clear view, easy to understand and remember after you read this post. Hehe..

1) Vacant Land

google images: vacant land

google images: vacant land

>>No house build, no farm or any work on the land except for the soil and maybe grass on surrounding. Some of vacant lands are described as agriculture land and also, certain lands are labelled as special-properties.

2) Residential Properties
>>There are 2 common types of residential properties :
I)Landed properties.

Bungalow House

Bungalow House

Town house

Town house

Duplex house

Duplex house

II)High rise properties





3)Commercial Properties
>> It may be empty land zoned for commercial use, or an existing business building. Normally this is used for commercial purpose such as office, shop retail and nowadays building like SOHO,SOFO as well as SOVO are also categorized in commercial types.

SOHO, SOFO, SOVO ??? What are they? Check these out on my next post! 🙂