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I was reading The News Straits Times paper and seeing a quite common issues happened.
But what affectionate me was about a topic of homeless people. This is very hot topic and need to be highlighted.

A single person, family or abandoned elders; these categories are usually jobless yet some of them neither have any relatives nor friends who pity them.
Not all people are able to own even a small area of shelter.

-NST paper front page-

I too, still do not own a home yet but I am so lucky to have close relative who willing to let me stay until I get a better place to live. With current loan requirements and regulations to buy house, I see the difficulties for low income workers even to buy low cost apartment. Jobless people? You know the answer 🙂

Analog Clocktail Table

Analog Clocktail Table


What comes from your mind when you see this picture? Amaze? Cool?

Very nice design for home living. Isn’t it?

Those who are really busy with work yet have a very little time to eat better grab this Analog Clocktail Table so you are aware of time when eating.

Nowadays, people are keen to watch dramas or movies at their home. With a big screen TV’s, it is like watching in cinema. Sound also important in giving the surrounding a feel and focus when watching. Some people like to spend a home theatre just to boost up the sound.

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