I been busy with new work, taking too much time to focus on my blog. But still, I am happy to finish this post ^^. In my previous post I already mention about these three phrase.

So what are these SOHO, SOFO and SOVO? Let’s take a look a one by one.

SOHO (Small Office Home Office)
>> By looking at its acronym, we can expect that SOHO consist of small type of office by mean only small business operates. The workers may be up to 4 persons maximum. Other than that, the size of office also categorized as smallest compare to other office size such as shop lot area. The built size would be between 400 – 800 square feet(sqft).

>> SOHO can also use as home office where business is done at home. Nowadays, many businesses are a home-based business such as home designer, data entry and more. those self-employed person would like to use this type of SOHO as their workplace.

Small Office Home Office

Small Office Home Office

SOFO (Small office Flexible Office)
>> SOFO by mean is likely similar to SOHO but it emphasize on word ‘flexible’. By having SOFO you can customize your office the way you want it be. What type of office you want or wish? You yourself decide whatever include inside this SOFO. The size range is in between 400 – 800 sqft.

Small Office Flexible Office

Small Office Flexible Office

SOVO (Small office Versatile Office)
>> SOVO is a different by mean compare to SOHO and SOVO. Although the size range is quite similar, but the purpose of SOVO built is much focusing on commercial usage. Besides, it comes with telecommunications and infrastructure facilities that speed up business start-up.

Small Office Versatile Office

Small Office Versatile Office

I guess I forgot to tell one more..SOGO? what is mean by SOGO?

This is SOGO

SOGO Shopping Complex

SOGO Shopping Complex

SOGO is a shopping complex ok..not a small office type.

Hahaha.. 🙂

photos:google images


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