Homeless In The City

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Related Topic
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I was reading The News Straits Times paper and seeing a quite common issues happened.
But what affectionate me was about a topic of homeless people. This is very hot topic and need to be highlighted.

A single person, family or abandoned elders; these categories are usually jobless yet some of them neither have any relatives nor friends who pity them.
Not all people are able to own even a small area of shelter.

-NST paper front page-

I too, still do not own a home yet but I am so lucky to have close relative who willing to let me stay until I get a better place to live. With current loan requirements and regulations to buy house, I see the difficulties for low income workers even to buy low cost apartment. Jobless people? You know the answer 🙂

  1. oshitbritt says:

    We can all do a lot more to help the homeless. I’ve recently been inspired to take action. I wrote about it in my blog today. Check it out: http://oshitbritt.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/on-the-homeless/

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