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It is worrisome that when one analyst said Putrajaya has the potential oversupply due to many projects come in to that area. Gan Eng Peng, head of Equities at Hwang Investment Management told that Even without some of the largest mega projects like the PNB building and financial hubs, we are facing that situation (in the future).

Instead of fear from market crash just like in Dubai, Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur still have the demand over supply. He added,”The key difference between the crash of Dubai and potentially in KL is that in Dubai, there was massive overbuilding combined with a collapse in end-demand due to the credit crisis.”

One of the way to cut off new supply is to impose a moratorium on the construction of new office buildings as undertaken a few years ago. Also, they should also reconsider some of their iconic projects as they are compounding the problem, Gan said.

Another difference, according to Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association of Malaysia (Rehda) president Datuk Seri Michael Yam, was that around 80 per cent of Dubai’s 2.1-million population were expatriates. In contrast, Greater KL’s population was now 6.5 million and projected to grow to 10 million by 2020, he said.

They both said that this is to be expected as office space growth was outstripping demand while prices for real estate may soften with the planned supply coming through. Prices, especially of the old buildings, will also suffer capital stagnation or even losses as tenants move towards newer buildings, they said. But Rehda president believed the market would automatically correct itself before reaching a crisis similar to Dubai’s.

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1st time ever happened..8ha S.E.A aquarium at Resort World Sentosa, Singapore had been booked as venue for wedding ceremony.

Dato Tan Eng Boon, a real estate developer from Malaysia, had booked the viewing gallery of the aquarium last Saturday evening for his son Edwin Tan’s wedding, reported Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao.

2 million which includes of 1.2 million price of Lamborghini as a wedding gift for the couple from Dato Tan Eng Boon. Not more than 262 guests were invited to celebrate the wedding.

Sounds cool is it?


I been busy with new work, taking too much time to focus on my blog. But still, I am happy to finish this post ^^. In my previous post I already mention about these three phrase.

So what are these SOHO, SOFO and SOVO? Let’s take a look a one by one.

SOHO (Small Office Home Office)
>> By looking at its acronym, we can expect that SOHO consist of small type of office by mean only small business operates. The workers may be up to 4 persons maximum. Other than that, the size of office also categorized as smallest compare to other office size such as shop lot area. The built size would be between 400 – 800 square feet(sqft).

>> SOHO can also use as home office where business is done at home. Nowadays, many businesses are a home-based business such as home designer, data entry and more. those self-employed person would like to use this type of SOHO as their workplace.

Small Office Home Office

Small Office Home Office

SOFO (Small office Flexible Office)
>> SOFO by mean is likely similar to SOHO but it emphasize on word ‘flexible’. By having SOFO you can customize your office the way you want it be. What type of office you want or wish? You yourself decide whatever include inside this SOFO. The size range is in between 400 – 800 sqft.

Small Office Flexible Office

Small Office Flexible Office

SOVO (Small office Versatile Office)
>> SOVO is a different by mean compare to SOHO and SOVO. Although the size range is quite similar, but the purpose of SOVO built is much focusing on commercial usage. Besides, it comes with telecommunications and infrastructure facilities that speed up business start-up.

Small Office Versatile Office

Small Office Versatile Office

I guess I forgot to tell one more..SOGO? what is mean by SOGO?

This is SOGO

SOGO Shopping Complex

SOGO Shopping Complex

SOGO is a shopping complex ok..not a small office type.

Hahaha.. 🙂
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This time I am freely to give the reader an overview of what you should know about real estate in terms of property types. Some people might get confuse with certain real estate because of not knowing about the property type.

Okay, so basically from my understanding, there are 3 types of property.(Some say 5 types but it depends on their own explaination.) A clear view, easy to understand and remember after you read this post. Hehe..

1) Vacant Land

google images: vacant land

google images: vacant land

>>No house build, no farm or any work on the land except for the soil and maybe grass on surrounding. Some of vacant lands are described as agriculture land and also, certain lands are labelled as special-properties.

2) Residential Properties
>>There are 2 common types of residential properties :
I)Landed properties.

Bungalow House

Bungalow House

Town house

Town house

Duplex house

Duplex house

II)High rise properties





3)Commercial Properties
>> It may be empty land zoned for commercial use, or an existing business building. Normally this is used for commercial purpose such as office, shop retail and nowadays building like SOHO,SOFO as well as SOVO are also categorized in commercial types.

SOHO, SOFO, SOVO ??? What are they? Check these out on my next post! 🙂

I was reading The News Straits Times paper and seeing a quite common issues happened.
But what affectionate me was about a topic of homeless people. This is very hot topic and need to be highlighted.

A single person, family or abandoned elders; these categories are usually jobless yet some of them neither have any relatives nor friends who pity them.
Not all people are able to own even a small area of shelter.

-NST paper front page-

I too, still do not own a home yet but I am so lucky to have close relative who willing to let me stay until I get a better place to live. With current loan requirements and regulations to buy house, I see the difficulties for low income workers even to buy low cost apartment. Jobless people? You know the answer 🙂

This post should be a good sign for those who does not know where to get information before buying home.
#selfpraise haha.

For Malaysian, you can just visit below websites to search for information you need such as house prices, properties areas you wish to see and owner/agent contact informations.

These are websites and theirs partial view that I prefered the most:

1) iproperty

2) propertyguru

3) propwall

4) thinkproperty

5) propnet

Plus, I found out that these are interesting forums to get info about properties. Click them to visit.

1) propertywtf

2) lowyat-propertytalk

The most expensive home in Malaysia.

YTL residence

YTL residence

Name : YTL Residence
Square feet : 32,000 sqft area
Rooms : 9 bedrooms, multiple kitchens, at least 13 bathrooms
A ballroom that sits 200 people
No of residents: 3 family generations (grandparents, parents, 7 children)

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*photos taken from Open Buildings