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Analog Clocktail Table

Analog Clocktail Table


What comes from your mind when you see this picture? Amaze? Cool?

Very nice design for home living. Isn’t it?

Those who are really busy with work yet have a very little time to eat better grab this Analog Clocktail Table so you are aware of time when eating.


Nowadays, people are keen to watch dramas or movies at their home. With a big screen TV’s, it is like watching in cinema. Sound also important in giving the surrounding a feel and focus when watching. Some people like to spend a home theatre just to boost up the sound.

Those who are looking to buy a set of home theatre then you are at the right page! You can get an affordable price yet quality home theatre here.

-display image-

-display image-

RPGT increase?

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Real Estate

Whether you want it or not, the government will still do their job. So for investors out there, narrowing your mind will negatively impact your game plan. Restructure and at the same time follow the rules. Never stop investing! Can you?


Photo taken from News Straits Times front page.